Saturday, December 22, 2007

Mixed Emotions

Last month I spoke of a child that was terrorizing the class. Well, things have happened and he was removed from his home and won't be returning to our school. I was surprised that instead of feeling relieved, I felt disappointed. I know what happened was for the best, and our class will be a bit calmer now, (still have a couple of wild ones) but this 6 year old little boy is now going to spend Christmas with strangers. The timing stinks.
And, the school system is the opposite of church life. If I was working through the church, I would go visit him, pray with him and let him know someone cares. But as part of the school, I have been told to not contact or visit him, due to liability and what his mom might do. I understand that, but still don't like it.
This little boy is one of many sad children in our community. Please pray for him this Christmas. AND his mom.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

In Honor of Stephany Camille Nassar

21 years ago (at 7:45pm to be exact) God blessed Fred and I with a beautiful girl. I have to be honest, raising her has never been a boring experience! How can I explain her, she brings life into a room, makes us laugh with her innocence, warms my heart at how much she cares for the family, and makes me want to pull my hair out with her stubborness!! But I wouldn't change a thing about her because all of those things and many more have made her into the exceptional young lady she is today!
So, even though she may get mad at me for showing some of these pics, here is my baby girl's life (SO FAR) in pictures: