Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sunday School & church

Well, Fred has been teaching our new SS class for 4 weeks now. It's a little bit of a complicated situation. 2 classes were merged together, though 1 has the advantage of being in their room and the routine is theirs (snacks, announcements...)And, of course, the teacher is coming in not knowing anybody.
But I think Fred is doing a great job. He REALLY desires to be a teacher that doesn't just show up on Sunday and teach a lesson. He desires to help people realize their potential as Christians and how they can impact those around them. It's a slow but steady start, as we get to know the class members and their individual needs, gifts, and talents. And if you know me, I don't like slow & steady. I want to jump in with both feet and tell people what needs to be done. Fred has had to "reign" me in a couple of times. ha ha

I have signed up for VBS. There is a meeting this Sunday afternoon. I guess I can find out there how I can start helping... I am meeting with Lisa this Saturday to help with props for KABC's VBS. And THEN, my cousin Johnette asked if I would help with Causeway's VBS. I guess I will be having a VBS kind of Summer!
I am having lunch with the PreK Director from church this Friday. I want to pick her brain to see where I could fit in to help...
As I inquire about volunteering, I find myself cautious about it. I am concerned that I might want to do a bunch of stuff but not have the time or energy to follow through with it. I mean, when I worked at the church, it took all of my attention. I didn't have another job. Now, to be honest, my job wipes me out. But I am looking forward to the Summer. I won't be working then. And it's time I get off my butt. Enough of the "sabatical".
I do want to stay in Fred's SS class. For one, I enjoy his teaching. And 2, he has actually asked me to stay with him. He likes me there. Well, that is such a great thing to hear, I don't want to go anywhere else!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Update on the Tremors

Ok, so I have been to my primary doctor. She sent me for blood work (all fine), MRI of the brain (I have one, all fine), and then to the neurologist. The neurologist had me do some kind of nervous system test. It was an hour long and it entailed taking turns shocking my arms and legs to see how my fingers & toes wiggled. Not a fun thing. I mean, it wasn't a real bad shock, but uncomfortable for a wimp. (that's me!)
Tomorrow morning I go for more blood work (fasting,then McDs breakfast) in the morning before work. They also want the MRI of my back done a couple of years ago...

Like I said, I have doubts they will have any answers after all this is done. But what is good is that it rules out things I could worry about. And they are moving pretty quick, making the appts for me to expedite them and stuff. So, hopefully, we'll be done with this soon.

Otherwise, life is pretty awesome. I was reading in the Strickland's blog about "verbalizing" what we are thankful for to remind us of how GREAT God is. I think I will be practicing that too...

Monday, April 21, 2008

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It happened again

This morning at 1:45am I woke up to tremors. My whole body shook from jaw through my shoulders,arms and legs. It lasted for 20 minutes just like last time. When it finished, I almost could not roll over, I was so weak... I have no idea what is going on so I went to the Dr. this morning.
And so it begins: I got blood work done today, tomorrow I go for an MRI. Then, after those results come back, I will probably have to see a neuro surgeon. AND after all of that, they will probably say "we don't know what is going on". So it's quite annoying...

On another note, some changes have happened with work. I have been put in another class along with with my little buddy that likes to kick. The hope is that the change in class will help him with his behavior. We'll see. But at least, this classroom is a little bit calmer than the other one.

Spoke with my mom briefly today and she said she was ready to talk about moving in with us. I have been trying to convince her to do that for a few months now to no avail. I think her health is deteriorating fast nowadays to the point where it's making her face facts. The transition is going to be rough, I know. But I feel it's what needs to happen.

Fred and I have been talking for a while now how our we are really blessed and how we have a pretty good life. He keeps asking if we would be content with our life if things weren't SO GREAT. I don't know the answer to that, but I think we may be finding that out this year.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Great way to end Spring Break!

Went to Fort DeSoto Park with the Hofrichters. It's a great place! Got a space with picnic tables in the shade and spitting distance from the water (didn't get in, too cold still) and we were near the fishing pier so Fred could fish while I chatted the day away with Debbie. VERY nice time. We think we will be back to that spot soon. I tried to lay out and even out my tan but it didn't help. Oh well, with the shirts I wear, you won't be able to see it anyway.

I even survived going on the Skyway bridge. Granted, my eyes were closed the whole time, but at least I didn't forget to breath.

I had a list of things I wanted to accomplish this week and only did a few. But that's ok, we were productive ENOUGH. The rest can wait till Summer, and it's just around the corner.

Only 51 days left to the last day of school!!


to those of you who know the Hofrichters, Sterling is going into middle school this fall and Christian is 9 yrs old!!! I can't believe it :(

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Went fishing

And caught a sunburn!

(note that all but the forehead got sun so I look dorky)

I didn't think I was getting all that much sun, since the breeze kept things a little cool, and it was overcast most of the time. My feet always get burned and I THOUGHT I was being careful to keep them shaded. Didn't work, so now I am going to break into a rash on the top of my feet (TMI?).
Now I have this goofy tan line going. We are planning on going to the beach Friday so I have to figure out how to even it out...
As far as the fishing goes, I have some neat pics but they are stored in the camera's memory because the memory card wasn't in it. I need the USB cord, which I can't find at the moment... so you will have to wait for my recap of our fishing expedition. (I know, you can't wait!)

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

On the mend

Well, I think I have turned the corner on this pain deal... I was really hurting from Thur. to Sat. I took one of the pain meds but it put me all day with the sensation of having to throw up, so I dealt with the pain instead of taking more.
I got to go to church, though I sat through most of the singing, still feeling weak. But I wouldn't have stayed home. It was Fred's first day of teaching the new SS class. He did a very nice job, but that is a blog for another time. :)
Yesterday I woke up with no pain at all (yeah!) and Fred and I tackled the front yard. We bought some new plants and I think it looks much nicer. I have before and after pics, but Fred said to wait until we mulch so we can REALLY see the difference.
Today, I dealt with the laundry that has been growing all around me. That's done.
Tomorrow, Fred and I going fishing at the old skyway. What that really means is: he fishes, I read, stay there about 10 million hours and come home with no fish. But, hey, Fred has a good time. IF we catch a fish, I will be sure to post pics.

I just realized, I post blogs like I talk. Do you guys get tired after reading all this???

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Started to post yesterday, but got feeling icky. Let's try this again...

I had the second half of my gum surgery yesterday. I was home by 10:30am and the pain started pretty soon. I took a valium (not easy with half my mouth numb). But the pain was pretty bad. I prayed to God that He would let me fall asleep for 1 hour, just 1 hour, I begged.
So, I actually slept for exactly one hour. Was I thankful when I woke up? NO! My first reaction was "I still have a lot of pain, 1 hour wasn't enough, God!" I need another hour!"
So I slept some more. Did I wake up thankful? NO!
I think the moral of the story is: I should have praised HIM for answering my prayer of sleep so quickly. I should have instead prayed for the pain to subside. I got this picture of God in heaven going, boy, are you a brat!!
I AM thankful for His mercy on me. I don't deserve it, and why I think I do sometimes is ridiculous.
I took some pain medicine later in the day and it helped the pain. But I started having the nausea again. So I have to decide what I would rather deal with. Oh, well, if it goes as last time, I should only have pain for a day or so...
I'd like to think I am tough, but in reality, I am such a sissy... :(