Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Blog

When I first started this blog, I had a verizon email. Well, now I have a Gmail account, and signing in and out of the blog is a pain, plus I can't do changes to the blog when it 'sends' me information via email....

And I didn't want to start a new one or loose the posts I have on here. 

Well, I FINALLY figured out how to fix the problem, and I am proud to say I did it all by myself!!  I am by no means a guru at the tech stuff, so this was a huge accomplishement!!  :)

So, effective immediately, my blog's new address is , soi if you wish to, go to that one and click 'follow'..... I will leave this open for a while. Mainly cuz I want to make sure everything is working right on the new one......

So come one over!!! 

Sunday, October 24, 2010

party and tornado warnings

We scheduled a get together with our SS class for yesterday. Everyone was to bring a pumpkin and carve it here while we had some good ole stews! 
I was so excited, it has been a very long time since we've thrown a party.... almost 2 years!!

So, everyone was supposed to show up at 5:30pm. The weather was looking gloomy, but our area hardly ever gets rain, so I thought it would just go around us....  Nope!  at 5:20pm, this alarm goes off somewhere in town. Loud alarm. We were under a tornado warning!  My first tornado warning alarm. I know one is supposed to look for shelter, but honestly, my first thought was "COOL!" Fred went out back to see if he could see a tornado coming.... yeah, we are new at this.
We watched the radar on TV and the storm flew over us in no time. Some of the folks braved the weather and showed up. 
It was a very nice time. We had 3 girls ages 9-11, 2 teens who are very sweet, along with their parents. The girls really got into the pumpkin carving, Fred manned the Ice Cream bar and made some milkshakes for those who wanted it, and great time of talking with the ladies!  
I hope we get to do more socials in the future, it was really fun!
Here are some pictures....
Eyeball cupcakes!
 (made way too many, so we took the leftovers to the youth at church on Sunday)
Rachel made caramel apples, so yummy!

I found a place that sells dry ice, so we got a cauldron full!

I read if you put a little of dish soap in the dry ice,
yu can get 'smoking' bubbles, so we tried it! 
the girls diligently working on their pumpkins! (while eating a caramel apple!)

Tom and Grace working on her 1st pumpkin
a kitty cat!
her 2nd one was a ghost, not bad!!

one of the other girls' creation...
the ladies hanging out in the kitchen....
 while the guys watch football in the living room
 Rachel and Grace
This may sound weird, but as much fun as it was, it was also a reminder that I miss my 'other' friends that we got together with for almost every occasion through the year.

But we are planting roots. There are some great folks in our SS class that have gone out of their way to make us feel at home. We are looking for ways to get involved in the community as much as possible. So, it's all good!!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

more pictures of Baby!

 This kitten must think she is a dog. She LOVES to get her belly rubbed and she begs for 'people' food. Every time we go in the kitchen she follows and is non-stop MEOW....
 She makes herself comfortable...
 more belly rub please!!

 Kaya and Bella are.... I don't know, adjusting to one another?  It's weird, Kaya seems to search Baby out to hiss and growl at her. Almost like trying to intimidate her. Baby responds like she is afraid, but then I catch her trying to sneak up on Kaya's tail and pouncing.
So I feel I can't get on to Kaya for bullying when Baby antagonizes her....
I feel like I am dealing with 2 siblings! haha


I don't know if it's the holidays around the corner or what, but I get into the mood of 'crafting' this time of year.  Dealing with 'blah' mood swings, doing these little projects has actually been therapeutic. I wish I was more creative and do more complicated things. But I am enjoying my little crafts.
Here is my attempt to duplicate the can on the right side (with flowers in it). I received this as a gift a long time ago (I feel bad I can't remember who) and I am going to make one for each family in our SS class.

These are pinecones I collected at a park last week. I spray painted them red because there are these smaller ones that looked like cherries. The color is very dark, not sure it's going to work. I might just paint them gold and put them in a bowl....

and I am finishing up my window, finally! I am painting the first coat red, applying a crackle varnish, then adding a green. So it SHOULD be a green window with red coming through the crackle. I hope it turns out!

Now some pictures of our 'fall' decorations..... I love this time of year!

It's been so nice to have a fireplace mantle to decorate!

  I got these cute metal pumpkin faces that stake into the ground through a catalog. So cute!
 I just love scarecrows! these little guys are just $1 at Walmart, cheap decorations!
 I may not care for pumpkins to eat in any form, but I sure love to decorate with them!
more little scarecrows by the mailbox 
 I got this cute little 'harvest village' from a catalog too. I love that the buildings are crooked! You can't tell here, but the buildings have lights in them. I have this on the kitchen buffet
And this is something I saw in a magazine.
 It's supposed to be a candy corn made of carnations,
but it's not quite the cylinder it's supposed to be, oh well!

And lastly, it's me!

This is in the town park....
Fred and I went to a fundraiser in DT Mt Pleasant. You could get a bowl of chili, drink and dessert for $6 and the procceeds go to the town's Christmas lights. I love this small town stuff!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

addition to the Family

Say Hello to BABY!

I have wanted to get a kitten for a while now. After we got all settled in our house, I started going to the animal shelter and checking out the kittens. But not just any kitten, I really wanted to find a blue/grey one. Years ago, we had a cat named Chester and he was that color. I went this past Monday and they had a litter of 3 of them!  I filled out all the paper work but had to get Fred to agree to getting another pet in the house.
In a a gesture of complete selfless love to me, he said ok! I know he would rather not have any pets, much less 2. But I think he knew that I have been in a 'rough' place lately and to have something that would 'need' me, would be like therapy!
She is so stinking cute! She found the food right away and we saw her use the litter box last night. We were such proud new parents!  haha

She loves the laptop for some reason, don't know if she likes the light from the monitor or the humming, but she is very comfortable with it!
 But mostly, she does this..... and I am ok with that!
 Poor Kaya is very angry right now. At first sight of the kitten, she ran to our bedroom and hasn't left under the bed. I have tried several times to go under there and love on her and she is actually hissing and growling at me. That makes me sad. :(     I hope she comes around soon.

More cute pictures of Baby.... 
Fred said I better make sure she doesn't get outside or a bird will swoop her away! He said he didn't think Kaya was ever that little, but I know she was. Oh, how we forget! haha

I intend on enjoying this little fur ball as long as I can!!

Friday, September 17, 2010

little projects

I finally got the spray paint to spruce up my fountain...
don't know if the pictures do it justice, but I think it looks better.
 This is the 'before' look....
This is the 'after' look....

I also bought this 'kit' to hang clay pots together at the flea market a couple of weeks ago. Well, I thought it would be nice if I painted the pots....
And this is how they look with plants and hanging up....
the contraption is just pieces of wood with 'hooks' cut on them and the pots clip on to....
I like it!

And last but not least, my pretty old window
Fred bought me this old window in Dade City last Summer and I hadn't done anything with it yet...
Well, Fred took and sanded it down for me and I cleaned up the glass on it.
The next step is to paint it. I am thinking about red and putting a 'crackle' finish on it to keep it looking 'old'.
Also, I think I am going to take the hummingbirds pictures that Freddy took and make them 5x7 and put them in the windows.  VERY excited about this, I just hope it doesn't take me till NEXT Summer to do it!! 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

now on to happier things!

I had every intention of posting pics of the kids' visit here as soon as they left. But that didn't happen, of course. (see previous post)

Freddy and Steph arrived on Thursday. Freddy drove 5 hours, Steph flew into Dallas.
Friday, we went to Canton Flea Market. It is a HUGE place and it's open the weekend before the 1st Monday of the month. Everyone around here has been telling us we HAD to go to it, but to wait till it was cooler. So we tried it out, and God blessed us with wonderful weather!

Apparently Freddy has a crush on Taylor Swift, hahah
Steph's new nickname!
have to say the guys were great sports and patient with us girls looking at all the stuff
ok, so everything IS bigger in Texas!
yeah, this is best I could get of the siblings together, Freddy is a goof
we thought this girl was too happy, yeah, did I mention Freddy was goofy?
We actually found these letters laid out....
Fred and I with some crazy lawn ornaments!
stopped at this place....

for this...
the sign was appropriate!
On Saturday, we took the kids into 'town'.... which didn't take long!

found a cute gazebo for pictures...

Freddy taking pictures of the old buildings

On Sunday, it was great having the kids with us in church!!

Went to Chili's for lunch (not many choices in town!)
Freddy showing off his Iphone to his dad

Then, did some relaxing at the house. Didn't feel like doing anymore driving

Steph and I attempting to get our pic together!
about the best we could do!
Freddy in backyard trying to catch pictures of the birds
Here's a couple of the hummingbirds
I think it's so cool that you can actually see their wings 

Monday was Labor Day, so we had Mom and the other Nassars come over for a cookout. Mom's Birthday was on the 8th, so we sang Happy Birthday to her. Tom made some 'molten lava' cakes as well as a 'dark chocolate' cake. The boy likes baking, and we are glad!!
Tom looking normal...
Most of the Nassars together
and last but not least, Grandma and the Grandkids!

It was a wonderful visit, especially since I know the kids weren't all that excited about our little town, but still had great attitudes!  My babies are all grown up, and I don't know how I feel about that!