Sunday, October 17, 2010


I don't know if it's the holidays around the corner or what, but I get into the mood of 'crafting' this time of year.  Dealing with 'blah' mood swings, doing these little projects has actually been therapeutic. I wish I was more creative and do more complicated things. But I am enjoying my little crafts.
Here is my attempt to duplicate the can on the right side (with flowers in it). I received this as a gift a long time ago (I feel bad I can't remember who) and I am going to make one for each family in our SS class.

These are pinecones I collected at a park last week. I spray painted them red because there are these smaller ones that looked like cherries. The color is very dark, not sure it's going to work. I might just paint them gold and put them in a bowl....

and I am finishing up my window, finally! I am painting the first coat red, applying a crackle varnish, then adding a green. So it SHOULD be a green window with red coming through the crackle. I hope it turns out!

Now some pictures of our 'fall' decorations..... I love this time of year!

It's been so nice to have a fireplace mantle to decorate!

  I got these cute metal pumpkin faces that stake into the ground through a catalog. So cute!
 I just love scarecrows! these little guys are just $1 at Walmart, cheap decorations!
 I may not care for pumpkins to eat in any form, but I sure love to decorate with them!
more little scarecrows by the mailbox 
 I got this cute little 'harvest village' from a catalog too. I love that the buildings are crooked! You can't tell here, but the buildings have lights in them. I have this on the kitchen buffet
And this is something I saw in a magazine.
 It's supposed to be a candy corn made of carnations,
but it's not quite the cylinder it's supposed to be, oh well!

And lastly, it's me!

This is in the town park....
Fred and I went to a fundraiser in DT Mt Pleasant. You could get a bowl of chili, drink and dessert for $6 and the procceeds go to the town's Christmas lights. I love this small town stuff!

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