Thursday, October 30, 2008

In the 'spirit' of Halloween

Zack is at it again... he created this video to go with Jeremy's Wednesday night series "Mask". The message is that good witnesses don't wear masks. Nobody likes christians who act one way around christians and another around nonbelievers.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Jackpot Hobo

this one was made to go with a Wednesday night lesson... personally, I don't think it's that funny, but my kid is in it, so I am posting it... :)

MAC video

This was made by Zack Nottingham, the youth pastor's brother, to promote our new MAC. Zack does hillarious videos, so I am thinking of posting them here when we comes up with new ones...
By the way, youth pastor is the one in the basketball jersey, Zack is in the white shirt, and the big guy is Andy Peavyhouse. He runs the youth/singles praise band.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

If you lost everything...

Fred asked our SS this past Sunday: if you lost everything-car,house,job- and you only had your spouse and kids left, would you be ok? I mean, will you have faith that God is still in control and it will be ok?
That's a tough question. I would love to be able to say "yes". But do I have enough faith? God has blessed me in ways that cannot be measured. I look back when I was younger and I would have never imagined my life being as full as it is. I am concerned that I have lived such a good life that I wouldn't be able to handle it in the bad times.
So, how do I get to the point where I would be confident that in rough times, I will be faithful?

2 SS lessons ago, there was a story in the quarterly about a man who came to know the Lord through a missionary. When the missionary came back years later to visit him, he asked the man how his walk with God was going. He said " it's a constant struggle. I look at it as 2 dogs, 1 white(righteousness) and one black (evil) battling within me". The missionary asked "who wins?". The man said "the one I feed the most".
That really struck a cord with me. In order for me to grow in Christ, grow my faith, I have to "feed it" by getting in HIS word, by praying, by making a conscious effort to keep Him in my thoughts throughout the day.
I am not good at having a quiet time and studying/reading my Bible. That has always been a struggle for me, even though I know my life would be MUCH fuller/richer if I did...
but I am like Paul : I do those things I shouldn't, and don't do those things I should.

I started reading the Karen Kingsbury books "Redemption" series. Just finished the first one. The characters go through situations where scriptures come to mind to help them go through the problems they have. I want to know that it can happen to me as well... I want to be able to recall scripture that will help me through struggles or even at times where I need to make a decision. But that can only happen if I put them in my head to start with.

There is a lot of talk about how things are going to get pretty bad here in the US, no matter who gets elected... Is it time for the US Christians to have their faith tested? I pray we have prepared and stand strong.

Friday, October 24, 2008

here they are!

The Councils came down this past week, and we got to have them over for 2 nights. Before that, they were at KABC and had a little meet-n-greet. It was a neat time for me to catch up with friends as well. I miss my gal-pals!!!

Then, on Monday, the Council clan came over for some of Fred's BBQ... Nan is a vegetarian, so we made sure to have alternative stuff. But Landon liked the food.

As always, James was entertaining (is that what we should call it??) And it was fun to see him and Andy having a 'spar' with words (we wouldn't call it cut-downs, would we?)

So, with Andy being 17, you can imagine that we are not used to having little kids around our house.
Example: Tuesday morning, Jael walks into my bedroom a little disoriented and starts to go into our bathroom (where Fred was just getting ready) I hopped out of bed and re-directed her to where her mommy was...
about 15 min. later, Mady & Jael show up again in my bathroom. (it's ok, everyone was fully dressed by now). I am finishing up with my hair and the girls have a million and one things to 'share' with me. Now, I usually don't say a word to Fred until after my coffee and we are on our way out the door for work, but here at 6:45am, I have 2 delightful girls asking me all kinds of questions.
Then, when Fred & I got home from work on Monday, we found a 'sippy' cup in our bedroom floor. We got a chuckle at the fact we couldn't remember the last time that occured to us!
What a hoot!
Tuesday evening, Landon decided to warm up to me. Either that, or he loves to get his picture taken. He kept posing and saying "cheese!"

It was great to meet Nan. She was very nice. She got to sleep in our 'office' room, where Freddy's 60in TV is, so I don't think she had it too bad. :)

It was so great to see them again! I miss them, but I am grateful that we have stayed in touch. Thank goodness for blogs and text messaging!!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

really tired...

I know I need to post pics of the Councils visit, but I am TOO tired to focus right now...
maybe tomorrow??? :(

Friday, October 17, 2008

They're heeeerrrreee!!! (almost)

The Councils are coming!
The Councils are coming!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The End of The Beginning

I know, 3rd video in a row...
but I ran into this one through another blog. It's Bell Shoals Baptist performing my favorite song. It's originally sung by David Phelps. I heard him sing at the Baptist Convention a couple of years ago. In this video, it also has a guy named Brian Keith Daniel doing a painting during the song. I couldn't tell what it was till the end, then it blew my mind. Hope you all enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great message

The youth pastor's brother (20) is really good at making videos. He made this one for a series his brother was doing with the youth. If you look REALLY hard at the soccer shots, look for the red shoes. That's Andy. But I didn't post it just cuz Andy was in it. It has a great message

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday School Fall Social

Sore body & my football girl

Along with my sore knee, I now ache all over from a full day of painting... sore thighs from climbing up and down the ladder, sore arms from, I don't know why...

But our 'new' office looks good! It's a work-in-proccess but it's coming along. Now we need 'accessories' for the office and the guest room. The guest room will be ready for next weekend for our 'guests'... yeah!!

My baby girl came home this weekend. I don't think we've seen her since the beggining of May. We went to Cheddars for lunch today (her fav. restaurant).

She brought along my grandbaby, Bella, along with another little friend. Her roommate's dog, Delilah, came with them to visit. Fred was dying, since he wasn't happy about 1 dog, now we had 2. But the doggies actually entertain each other, so it makes it a little easier. It's all good!

I found out if I want to spend some time with Steph, I have to sit and watch football with her! She has become a football fanatic. We even went to Walmart and she was rushing us cuz she was missing the 'game'. I guess it gives her & Fred something to do together.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tom's Video contest

some of you have gotten Fred's request to vote for his brother's video... here it is...

thanks for helping!!


My job is never boring...
Today I had to run (I know, can you believe it??) in order to keep up with our little 'escapee' in our class. First of all, I hate to do anything that resembles exercise. And I don't like sweating...

But it's par for the course with my class. Well, I did something to my knee. It doesn't hurt continuously, but every so often as I walk, it pops, gives out on me and hurts like the dickens!

I picked up an accident report just in case. I am hoping it's fine in a day... and to be honest, it's more aggravating than anything else. I mean, I am walking with an exagerated limp afraid of the next 'pop'. My other knee/leg is not happy about the extra work.
And before anyone chimes in (James), I know I am getting old. ;b

Monday, October 6, 2008

MAC Dedication

God has blessed our church with the ability to build a "Ministry & Activity Center". Construction only took 8 months (faster than our house and this thing is the size of a YMCA!).

It has all kinds of things and will be used in all kinds of ways. But more importantly, we pray it will be used as a 'net' to bring people to Christ. I have signed up to be a volunteer staff. I am hoping that since I will be committed to working there, I will go ahead and 'work out' while I am there. In theory, that should work, right?

We had a dedication service last night. Here is a video of it. I think it's a little grainy, but hopefully you can get it...

Last Homecoming fo Nassars

I guess this will be a year of many 'last' events...

Here is Andy with his "date". hehe
The 2 boys had a soccer game so they couldn't go with any groups. He's our neighbor and good friend of Andy. But it didn't stop the moms from teasing them..
for some reason, he has issues with smiling...

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I quit

Sometimes, just sometimes, being a mom is a REAL drag ... :(

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

email aggravations and more

today was 'a day in the jungle' theme. Andy didn't do much, just wore a shirt with a lion on it. I didn't get to take a picture, so let's blog about something else, shall we?

The Councils are coming down soon. Anna asked if they could stay with us a day or two. I said of course! and when will it be? (this was through our blogs). I didn't get a response... I posted another info request on her blog. nothing... Then, I texted James. I still got nothing! So, I am starting to get aggravated and panicky that they will show up and my house is not ready. (I am fixing up the office & guest room).
I get a call from James last night: 'we have emailed you 3 times!!!' 'Anna is getting aggravated at your constant requests!!'
Well, for some reason, my email account is NOT accepting the Councils emails. I don't know why and Fred can't figure it out either. What is funny, we were both getting aggravated at each other without knowing it! I find that quite humorous!

On another note: pray for my Nina.
Got a call from her at 3am today... she was having a lot of sharp pains in her lower back, so much so it woke her up. I told her to wake up her roommates so they could give her some pain medicine... Her roommate, Jaime, decided she needed to go to the hospital. Steph called me back and I told her to go... I mean, it could have been nothing, but it could have been bad.
So, after 3 hours and MANY tests later, they couldn't find anything wrong and sent her home. But not before she got some GOOD pain meds that had her sleeping all day today.
Even though it was a hassle to go in the middle of the night (which Jaime stayed with her the whole time, you go Jaime!!!), and $100 later, I think it was the right thing to do. We couldn't take the chance of an appendix bursting, or something else serious.
So, it's all good. She is going to keep track of any pains and when/where they are happening.

It totally stinks to be so far from her and not be able to look at her and see for myself she's fine. This was the second incident in less than 3 weeks that frustrated me that I wasn't near her.

Parenting worries never cease, do they??