Tuesday, November 25, 2008

And we're off!!!

Well, we will be in 7 1/2 hours. I am excited! But at the same time I am feeling the exhaustion of getting ready. Fred has already gone to bed, and I am not far behind...
I am hoping I can blog while in Texas with Freddy's computer. I plan on taking tons of pics of him and his new world. After all, I don't know when I'll see him again... never mind, enough of that talk! I plan on enjoying our time with him...
I found some diners in the Austin area. Fred and I like to hit up diners of all kinds during our trips. That'll be fun!
Well, hope all of my dear friends have a

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Smashed car...

On the way home from the Teach In Wednesday, Andy hit a dog. :( It wasn't his fault, the dog came out of a neighborhood and ran in front of him. Unfortunately, the dog died. Andy was able to contact the owner and he came. It was so sad. The man said they had him for 8 years. He was pretty choked up about, but thanked Andy for contacting him. He said he would've hated having to look for his dog and finding him on the side of the road.

The dog was a big one and did a job on our car:

But God is good! Fred took the car to the shop on Thursday and is right now picking it up. I was really worried we may have to cancel our Tx. trip... but we're on track, yeah!

The Great American Teach In

Last Wednesday, our school had the "Great American Teach In". It's a day when we have all kinds of special guests from all kinds of profesions. A chance for the kids to see what jobs they might like to do when they grow up. Fred came last year and did his 'ham radio' thing.

He was asked to return, and I volunteered Andy to come and do a 'soccer presentation'.

If Nina had been in town, I would've had her come and do manicures on the little girls. lol.

Andy did mostly k5-2nd grade. He and his friend Cameron were a hit. They did a great job. I wish I had thought about him last year...

I also asked Wayne Moore from KABC to come and talk about his missions travels. He did an excellent job. He was restricted about talking how he went to share the Gospel. So his theme was that we needed to be Thankful for all we have as he showed the kids houses in Manila & the Dominican Republic. How the kids there didn't have all things we have here. It was perfect, I knew he would do a great job!

It was a really fun day and our kids were awesome, even though our class has a hard time with going out of our schedule and being 'unstructured'.
We even had R2D2 come and visit!

It was a blast!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

He shoots! He scores!

Andy had a school soccer game tonight. He made his first goal!!! It was so cool, everyone in the stands hooted & hollered for him. Oh, and we won the game, too.
Here are some pics from previous years of playing. I felt like reminiscing....

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Typical Sunday at the Nassars

Friends, dominoes, and WINNER!

We went to the Caddells to play dominoes with them and the Ross'. It's always a blast to play with them, conversations flying from all over, Tym & Fred staying on people that it's their turn...

What is sweet about last night is that I won!!! I NEVER win! I am usually the one in last place. So here is proof, as it may never happen again:

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Some randomness

I can't believe I haven't posted in a week! A lot of little things have happened, so here I go:

1-My brother and his family came down from NC on the way to the Fl Keys for Sara's brother's wedding. They came in on Mon. night and left Thurs. afternoon. We had our 'Thanksgiving' meal on Tuesday with mom. That was good cuz we are going to Tx for Thanksgiving and I was feeling a bit guilty about leaving Mom. And we didn't have turkey (mom hates turkey). Just some good ole fashion 'puertorican food'. Pork, yellow rice, black beans, and FLAN!!
They came by work on the way out to say goodbye. That's good, cuz I hadn't taken any pics of them yet...
2-There was a Thanksgiving Banquet at church last night for the Seniors citizens and Fred and I volunteered to help. We were in charge of serving 2 tables, and whatever else was needed. There were over 500 seniors there. I was very impressed with how organized it all was. People were working their butts off! I had a blast! I am still struggling with leaving events before all the clean up is done. If Fred hadn't been with me, I would have stayed longer. But he kept saying that the folks in charge knew what they were doing (which they did) and they told him to go. Of course they send the volunteers home... that's what you do. But there was so much more we could have helped out with... :( I think I am going to contact whoever is in charge of the 'kitchen crew' and see if I can be part of it. They do a lot of functions.
3-For some reason, my verizon email has been blocking emails from yahoo accounts. I first found out when the Councils were sending me emails and I never got them. Then, the lady in charge of the MAC (gym at church) volunteers told me last night she had emailed my schedule for Nov. I never got it and so I have been AWOL from my duties all this month! I felt so bad!
Well, my 'super hubby' figured out the problem and fixed it. yeah!
4-Stephany is taking criminology classes at school and one of the assignments was to do a 'ride along' with a policeman. She had on Thursday until 3am. She texted me around 10pm and says: so far we have chased drug dealers, arrested people and baker acted someone.
Yeah, that helped me sleep that night! I had her call me when she got home. Haven't really had a chance to ask her details, but I bet she has some interesting stories.
5-One of the kids in my class had a bad day yesterday. He has a cold so his mom gave him some cough syrup before school. Apparently that and the medication he is already on didn't mix well and he had a reaction... he became paranoid and scared of hair. He told me he was scared of mine. Well, he has a thing about curls anyway and my hair was 'unusually' curly that morning. So I calmly talked with him and had him touch my hair and told him I wouldn't let it hurt him... he seemed to be ok. But at lunch, he was sure his own hair was going to hurt him and asked me to cut his hair off. It was so sad. We called his mom and told her about it. He went home and we got a report later that he was better. Please keep him in your prayers. He has some real needs.
6- Just got a call from Becky. We haven't played dominoes in months and she was calling to see if we could come over tonight. Yeah!!!
7-The "great american teach-in" is next Wednesday. Fred is coming with his radios. (he did that last year) and Andy will be coming to have a soccer presentation with a friend of his. So, There will be 3 Nassars at Yates Elementary next week. yeah!
8-ok, I think I am done with randomness... you are all caught up!!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Weird Week

Wow, this has been an emotionally draining week.

At the beginning, I was having major "miss my kids" moments.
Then the election. Well, that was depressing.
At the end of the week, more head butting with one of my children. Won't say who...

I am tired. Emotionally tired. I told Fred we need to get away.

And what is sad, our lives aren't that bad. They are pretty good, actually. After 'analizing' myself, I think it comes down to how very little control I have over the things that are going on around me. Duh!! And that's probably a good thing. I know I would screw it up royally. But the control freak in me still fights.

I HAVE got to get into a good devotional/quiet time. And I need to start going to the MAC at church and exercise.

I know God is looking at me and patiently waiting for me to get my act together.

Iasiah 41:10
Fear not, I am with you. Do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you , yes I will help you. I will hold you in my Righteous Right Hand.

Monday, November 3, 2008

my heart aches

I don't know what's gotten into me, but I have been really bummed the last couple of days about Freddy. I mean, I thought I adjusted to his moving to tx. I even enjoyed cleaning out his room and 'officially' making it an office. And he's 23, for crying out loud, not a baby.

But I have missed him so much it hurts... :(

What if he gets used to not having us around and is fine to be 'without' a family? What if he doesn't miss us (ME)?

I know I sound like a baby, and deep down I do want him to make a life for himself outside of us, that's the natural progression of life. But can't he miss me a little, enough to call me? I would love for him to call me just to tell me something silly that happened, or something that got him aggravated and he needed to vent. I would even take a text or an email.

I get those calls from Nina, and it helps me to deal with her being gone. I know guys are different, but it doesn't make my expectations any different...

Well, I guess I have blubbered enough here. Just needed to let it out to see if I would feel better....

nope, didn't work.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Can't be left out...

I have been looking at my buddies' blogs and they all have pics of their kids from Halloween... it makes me a little droopy that I don't have pics of my kids, so here are some of me!!
We had a "Fab Vocab" parade. Our class had words from the word families: ap, op, ick, all. So I came as Fall.

I wish I could show you pics of my kids in my class. They were adorable!! But as you can understand, I can't. But here are a couple of the teachers. Our principal came as hairy. He kinda freaked out one of our kids who has a thing about 'fringy' stuff.

The teacher I work with is 'wrap'. I thought that was pretty ingenious! And the other aid in our room came as 'sick', notice the water bottle on her head...

I think the teachers had as good a time as the kids.