Wednesday, September 29, 2010

addition to the Family

Say Hello to BABY!

I have wanted to get a kitten for a while now. After we got all settled in our house, I started going to the animal shelter and checking out the kittens. But not just any kitten, I really wanted to find a blue/grey one. Years ago, we had a cat named Chester and he was that color. I went this past Monday and they had a litter of 3 of them!  I filled out all the paper work but had to get Fred to agree to getting another pet in the house.
In a a gesture of complete selfless love to me, he said ok! I know he would rather not have any pets, much less 2. But I think he knew that I have been in a 'rough' place lately and to have something that would 'need' me, would be like therapy!
She is so stinking cute! She found the food right away and we saw her use the litter box last night. We were such proud new parents!  haha

She loves the laptop for some reason, don't know if she likes the light from the monitor or the humming, but she is very comfortable with it!
 But mostly, she does this..... and I am ok with that!
 Poor Kaya is very angry right now. At first sight of the kitten, she ran to our bedroom and hasn't left under the bed. I have tried several times to go under there and love on her and she is actually hissing and growling at me. That makes me sad. :(     I hope she comes around soon.

More cute pictures of Baby.... 
Fred said I better make sure she doesn't get outside or a bird will swoop her away! He said he didn't think Kaya was ever that little, but I know she was. Oh, how we forget! haha

I intend on enjoying this little fur ball as long as I can!!

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