Monday, March 31, 2008

Linda came to town!!! yeah!! And I got 1st dibs on her. She got to spend Thursday & Friday night with us. We gave her up to Gina & Malcolm Saturday night. But while she was with us, Fred & I took her to breakfast Saturday at Cracker Barrel. Then, Linda & I met up with Becky & Lisa for lunch at Cheddars. Yum!!

Linda is not just my mentor, she's my therapist too. :) I sure have missed talking with her.

And it was so cool to get with Lisa & Becky, too. You know, there was a time when I had maybe one close friend. God has really blessed me with some wonderful ladies through the years, and I believe they have made me a better person.

We just finished our Crown class and it was a great group of folks! I had a great 10 weeks with them. Now, I am having small group withrawals. I told Fred we need to start a group again.

I have my 2nd gum surgery this Thursday. The way things have been going on at school, I am actually looking forward to it just so that I don't have to go to work, how sad am I?

Then it's Spring Break... I was talking to a teacher today and she said she was feeling drained too. So I said that spring break was put at the right time of the school year when we all need a break. ha ha

Steph is talking with a friend from school who lost her dad last week. She is trying to see how she/we can help out the family. They live in Bloomingdale. She doesn't think the mom goes to church anywhere, and she is feeling overwhelmed with all that has happened. I told Steph that Fred & I would be willing to go visit her and help in any way IF she would accept us. So Steph is being the middle man and trying to work that out.

I am not going to go into what Andy did this weekend. Let's just say it only took a week of having his license... aaarrrggg!!!!

And Freddy is doing good, not seeing much of him, but he's doing good.

Well, this has been a potpourri of a blog, hasn't it? I guess that's ok. I'm going to take a nap now. See ya!!


Sheila said...

I am sooooo jealous right now!!! I want to go to lunch with ya'll!!!! boo hoo :(
Tell those ladies that I miss them so much!

Sheila said...

WAIT!!! It just dawned on me what I read! ANDY IS DRIVING!!!!! Oh my goodness! He's growing up too fast. BTW, loved the Easter pic of your men! They all looked so nice!

Council Family said...

It just took a week...ticket? accident? lost his keys?

Council Family said...

I guess I should have mentioned how much I miss everyone...sorry, I got obsessed with Andy's incident. Tell 'em all hi for me!

Jason Ebeling said...

Hey ladies. Miss seeing you all.

Claude F. Cannon said...

ok, so you went to Cheddars...why is there no Cookie Monster on that table?!!!