Saturday, August 23, 2008

What we woke up to on Friday

Fred & I were on our way out to work on Friday, when he said 'hey, Valerie, come check this out'. I go out thinking he had something wrong with his car... NNNNOOOOO!!
We saw this:

An armadillo! He was sound asleep after he tore up our front yard. I have never seen one in our neighborhood. Fred had the nerve to say 'scare it off' . He was out of his mind if I was going to mess with the giant rat! I just got in my car (after taking pics) and went on my merry way to work. It was gone by the time we got home. Fred is going outside right now to see if the little stinker came back. I doubt it, though. We were probably a 'Motel 6' to him.

Yuk! he was gross!!


Dean and Mary said...

Uh... has he asked for Freddy's room yet? GROSS!!! I can't believe you got that close to the rodent. I hope it was a zoom lense and you weren't that close.

The Nassars said...

I zoomed in a bit, but it was sound asleep. Our neighbor said he saw it walking down the sidewalk at 11am that day. that was a long nap!

Claude F. Cannon said...

you shoulda ran over it... I hear they don't fair well with cars.

Papa Strickland said...

I hear they taste like chicken