Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Texas follow up

I am still trying to catch up from our long weekend away. My house is a mess, Christmas is in boxes in my dining room, and I am STILL tired...

It took us 21 hours to get to Texas on Wednesday. The hotel was very nice, so we weren't 'roughing it'. Got to spend just a few hours on Thursday with Freddy. His work schedule is midnight-9am, so he stays up until 3pm or so then goes to bed. We met up with him on Friday, went out to lunch and hit a Best Buy. We got him a vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Now we just hope he uses it. hehe
We decided to leave on Saturday since we expected another long drive. We thought about staying overnight somewhere on the way home. But since I wanted to see Freddy 1 more time, we didn't leave till 9:30am. Everyone just wanted to get home, so we drove straight through and got home on Sunday at 5am.
That was the roughest trip I have taken and hope never to do again... I REALLY enjoyed Freddy, but next time we go see him, we either fly or make it a longer time so we don't have to kill ourselves driving.

Freddy is doing really well. His apt. is actually really cute and has tons of potential. I gave him some 'suggestions', but he doesn't plan on staying there longer than his 1year lease. He is hoping to find a roommate and get a bigger apt.

Austin looks like a cool place. There were so many places I would have loved to go see. We may make a Summer trip.

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