Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feed The Bay 2009

First off, I apologize for not posting sooner.... I'm a slacker.

This past Sunday, churches in the Brandon area got together for the annual "Feed the Bay". The congregations are encouraged to hit the grocery stores with a list of items to help refill the food banks. The Publix stores are plugged in to this, so they make sure to be hugely stocked on the items.
There was a semi at every Publix so you could just drop off your donations on your way to your car.

Our church joined the effort last year so this was the 2nd time Fred and I got involved. Last year, we shopped, this year we also helped at a distribution center.

Before we got started unloading the trucks, we got an overview on what the Lighthouse Ministries does for the community, and had a time of prayer.

Someone made the announcement that they only needed 30 people to help (there was about 50 folks there) and so some of us could go home if we wanted.

Good thing no one did, because we needed all of them to get the work done

We were there from 2pm till 5:30pm.... There was TONS of food! And the neat thing, there were so many people there it got a little chaotic at times, but the progress never slowed. Everyone worked well together, people stepped up and took charge of different areas, and things were organized. We unloaded and sorted 2 semi trucks full of food. It was very cool.

And another cool thing, I got a free T-shirt!!! hehe
I was quite impressed with all the Lighthouse Ministries is doing for families. I am going to look into how I can get involved with helping out. I could come and help sort, pack food boxes. They also run a thrift store, so I could help with the donations for that. Either way, it's organizing, and I love doing that!!

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Sheila said...

COOL! That sounds like an awesome way to bless ur community!