Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Andy's wheels, no more

Monday nights is when Andy goes and hangs out with the 'guys' for football watching... Well, 2 nights ago, the roads were a little slick. He turned left going out of our neighborhood when he lost control of the car and slid into a tree. It's crazy, he hit a small oak tree no more than 1ft in diameter, banged up the passenger front end....

triggered the air bags,

which shattered the windshield,
and the axle, cv joint (?) tore up, fell off, something... it would not go into gear, so we had to drag it home.
The car is completely totaled. And the weirdest thing of all is that the tree doesn't have a single scratch on it. Andy never felt the air bag because he never lunched forward. I don't know how the car can have such damage at such a small impact.

Well, I actually do. God works in strange and wonderful ways (as Johnette put it). He allowed Andy to not even leave the neighborhood that night. See, I know for a fact that the last Monday night he was with his friends, he and another guy raced their cars. I haven't confronted him about it, but I am sure they were planning on doing it again that night. And like I said, it had been raining and the roads were slick. When I mentioned it to Fred, he said, ' it would be stupid to race in wet roads'. Hello!! We are talking about stupid teenagers.... no offense to other teenagers!
So, I believe God protected Andy from himself. This is one of those 'laying my Isaac down' moments.....
Now, the stressful event of finding him another car. We had already told Andy we would match any money he saved (up to $1000) so he could get another car because the Cavalier really was in sad shape. He has saved about $350 so far, so we will have to front him some of the money and he will pay us back. Until then, he will need to drive my car to school and I will have to catch rides to work. Yeah, he needs to find a car soon....

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Gentzlers said...

I'm so glad that he is OK