Friday, April 30, 2010

Random Pics

As I drive around, my eyes catch some neat scenery. But for some reason, the pictures I have taken don't do them justice. (they are more breathtaking in person) But they are nice nonetheless and I thought I would share!

I have seen a couple of buildings decorated with the Texas flag.... I see this everytime we are coming back into town and this angle of the field and the old house far away just gets to me. (I made it black/white)
This little guy was crossing the path when I was going to mom's motel room.... he hurried across the street when he saw me coming, and when I stopped the car to take a picture, he stopped and turned his head.... he posed for me!

I see this on the way to church every Sunday and I made Fred pull over this past Sunday.... again, a neat sight... to me anyway...

This is a very cool looking house on the top of the hill in a big piece of property... this is what Fred and I hope to have one day... maybe WITHOUT the cows in the front yard though
There are a bunch of goats in the property next to the motel mom is staying.... I made Fred take this for the sake of my niece Savanna since I told her we were going to get goats when I moved here!
This is a little pond in the property where the motel is. It's very peaceful....
This is a rose bush I drive by everytime I go see mom.... I have fought the urge to take some of the blooms home with me!!
Again, a field near the motel.... there are fields and fields full of wildflowers around here... love it!


Laci Strickland said...

These are great! I've never been to Texas so it's fun to get a little picture tour!!

Gentzlers said...

Oh, I love your photos! They are wonderful. It seems like we were just there.......... 2 years ago. :)

Dean and Mary said...

What fun pictures!! Thank you for sharing with us! I love to see the country even if it's through someone elses eyes. I hope you are enjoying your new adventure. I've always wanted to go to Texas.