Saturday, July 5, 2008

Happy 4th of July!!


Council Family said...

Loved it. What road was that on? Do not remember this parade while I was there.

Meg looks so mature. Let her know that I miss her and say hi.

What did you do to make the woman mad?

1 dog multiple skirts ("dog in skirts")?


The Nassars said...

the parade was 50 years old last year.(got a paper weight saying so)the parade route is from Lumsden & kings, to Parsons, then turns on Robertson (in front of Campbells) that's where Fred and I were. We were in charge of keeping the corner clear for the big floats were going to cut it as they turned. Fred told her & her son to move, I told her to move, then when they ignored us, I started to guide her son over and she yelled at me and said I wasn't "the boss of the corner". From then on, I quit. I let Fred handle the people... and ok, 1 dog, 1 skirt