Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shine on Us

Things are kinda painful right now...

at church this morning, the worship leader led us in this song... the line I clung to was "in the darkest night ..." that's where I feel I am right now. But I KNOW God is faithful and His light will shine on me, His grace will fall on me, His love will come over me.

Here is Avalon singing it (I love this group)


Kbear and Jman said...

Hey friend. We are here if you need us.

Sheila said...

Val, I don't know what's hurting you, but I will keep you in my prayers and ask the Lord to bring you peace and comfort. Our God is great and He IS the Prince Of Peace. Rest! Be still and know that HE IS GOD!
Love you friend!

Dean and Mary said...

Hey Val,
Are things getting any better for you? I'm sending you loving thoughts and prayers. Just know you have a lot of people that love you and have gone through it. How's you mama doing? Any news as to why she's in the hospital?