Monday, February 16, 2009

Whose the best Hubby in the world???


For Valentine's Day, Fred made dinner for the 2 of us at home... we had steak, shrimp, baked potatoes, and home made 'jello' cake. It was wonderful. And all this from the man who, for many years, vowed to boycott valentine's day because it was NOT a holiday but a day that the card companies invented to get rich. He has come a long way! He even wanted to give out little valentine cards to the folks in our Sunday School class.


Anonymous said...

awww did dad set that up or did you? lol
it looks so sweet and the dinner looks very yummy. im jealous that looks like a lot more fun than my night haha

Gentzlers said...

That is a sweet guy that you have, guess you need to keep him! :)


Council Family said...

Roses and doesn't get much better than that. AC

Devin, Kelley, Austin, Connor, Emma, Molly, Zeuss said...

OK. Fred rocks. Keep him.